Workshop on “Stress Management”

One Day Workshop conducted in Association with Art of Living Foundation on “Stress Management Workshop”

The Art of Living Foundation is a volunteer-based, humanitarian and Educational Non-Governmental organization (NGO). Programs for Youth Leadership are suggested by AICTE. An Educational and Humanitarian organization in the U.S. since 1989. Accredited as a United Nations non-governmental organization.

No. Of Students and Faculty Attended
Resource Person
18th June, 2020

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Dr. Divya Y. Chirayil
Dr. Uday Salunkhe is currently working as COVID Doctor in BMC Hospital. He is craniosacral and spine therapist. Faculty in Art of Living for last 14 years.
Ms. Bhawana Soni is Psychologist and Phinanthropist. Expertise in conducting more than 25 diverse courses and till date conducted 250 courses and Faculty in Art of Living.

Counselling and Motivational session for students and faculty from Pillai HOC College of Engineering and Technology as well as nearby vicinity Engineering colleges participated in the session.

Total 174 students and faculty members attended the interactive session. Students interacted with the counsellor and expressed their problems of not able to concentrate in studies, depression and other various mood swing issues were discussed. Various Yogic practices of Relaxation and meditation Techniques was also practiced by all the participants. Counsellors also counselled to remove negative emotions, depression, anxiety and to focus on happy living