Institute Innovation Council (IIC)

Establishment Certificate

Establishment Certificate

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Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC)

PHCET has established Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) as per the guidelines of MoE’s Innovation Cell (MIC) in the academic year 2020-21. The initiative was to create a vibrant local innovation ecosystem, start-up supporting mechanism, establish function ecosystem for scouting ideas and pre incubation of ideas and to develop better cognitive ability for technology students. PHCET, IIC is actively involved in organizing and conducting various seminars, workshops, Idea competitions, Hackathon for school children’s etc. for its students and faculties.



Rating CertificateAppreciation LetterAnnual ReportResolutionMinutes of MeetingQ1-ActivitiesQ2-ActivitiesQ3-ActivitiesQ4-Activities

IIC Rating Certificate 2021-22

IIC Appreciation Letter 2021-22

IIC Annual Report 2021-22

IIC Resolution 2021-22

IIC Minutes of Meeting 2021-22

21st November, 2021

IIC Quarter-I Activities

IIC Quarter-II Activities

IIC Quarter-III Activities

IIC Quarter-IV Activities


Rating CertificateResolutionAnnual ReportNational WebinarQ1-IPRQ3-STTP 1 AICTEQ3-STTP 2 AICTEQ3-STTP 3 AICTEQ3-IPRQ4-HackathonQ4-Poster CompetitionQ4-Importance of InternshipQ4 - Recycling MetalQ4-Workshop Recycle MetalsQ4-World Environment Day

IIC Rating Certificate 2020-21

IIC Resolution 2020-21

IIC Annual Report 2020-21

National Webinar on “Research, Innovation and Ranking”

Intellectual Property Protection and Management in Academia

One Week AICTE Approved STTP 3 on “Composites : Fracture Toughness, NDE & Failure Analysis”

One Week AICTE Approved STTP 2 on “Composites : Fracture Toughness, NDE & Failure Analysis”

One Week AICTE Approved STTP 3 on “Composites : Fracture Toughness, NDE & Failure Analysis”

Workshop on “Intellectual Property Rights (IPRS) and IP Management for Start Up”

Online State Level Hackathon 2021

Poster Presentation Competition

Importance Of Internship and Career Guidance for Engineers

Recycling Metals, Plastics & Scrap Tyres : Circular Economy Road Map To Build

Online One Day National Workshop on “Recycling Metals, Plastics & Scrap Tyres

World Environment Day

Innovation Ambassador

Institutional Innovation Councils (IIC) expected to play a critical role in driving the campus innovation and startup ecosystem at PHCET. The role of professors as members of the IIC is critical in this regard. They serve as a mentor or guide for young brains in their quest of innovation and entrepreneurship, and mentors must possess the necessary and appropriate mentoring abilities. The MHRD’s Innovation Cell’s Institutions Innovation Council aims to build mentorship capacity of IIC members through a series of training programs exclusively for faculty members, and the trained IIC members are designated as “IIC – Innovation Ambassadors”.

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PHCET Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Mahatma Education Society’s PHCET Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship is set up to encourage and inculcate the entrepreneurial spirit among the youth. It is a platform for networking, building entrepreneurship skills and providing access to high quality technical and managerial expertise. It is a forum to assist in developing entrepreneurs and support innovative ideas from ideation to fruition.

YUKTI Innovation Challenge