ACE Student Club

The Department of Information Technology has introduced the “Association of Coders and Encoders” i.e. ‘ACE Student Club’. Through this association students can not only enhance their Coding ability but it will also give a broad perspective of problem solving. Involvement in these activities often fosters a lifetime commitment to create a climate of inclusion that reflects our domain values and promotes an open exchange of ideas where each voice is heard. Faculties and Industrial Experts arranges workshops for the students after identifying course gaps.

Execution Plan

Department conducts various workshops through ACE Student Club.

Expected Outcomes

  • Improvement in Coding ability.
  • Improvement in Presentation Skills.
  • Improvement of Self Confidence.

Workshop Conducted under ACE

Workshop on “How to Become a DEV”

Resource Person

Faculty Coordinator

9th October, 2023
Classroom B-505
Ms. Prachi Sorte, Assistant Professor, IT Department,
Mr. Rahul Reddy, Student, BE IT

Ms. Prachi Sorte
Information Technology

Event Objective

  • Introduction to DSA
  • Fundamentals of Data Structures
  • Complex Data Structures
  • Algorithm Basics
  • Sorting and Searching Algorithms
  • Problem-Solving Strategies

Event Outcome

  • Enhanced Understanding of DSA Concepts
  • Practical Coding Skills
  • Algorithmic Thinking and Problem-Solving
  • Preparation for Technical Interviews
  • Continuous Learning and Improvement

The event, led by Rahul Reddy from BEIT, commenced with a comprehensive introduction to Data Structure, delving into its key features and highlighting its significance in programming. With a focus on practical application, Reddy explained the fundamentals of DSA, highlighting their role in organizing and managing data efficiently. He also apprised us about the basics of programs. Concepts such as time complexity, space complexity, and Big O notation were elucidated to provide participants with a theoretical foundation. All the students answered the questions promptly which made the workshop interactive and congenial.

This interactive approach not only enhanced their understanding of DSA but also immersed them into the convoluted world of programming excellence. As the session progressed, students eagerly posed their inquiries, expressing their curiosity and eagerness to grasp the intricacies of DSA and development. The speaker adeptly addressed each query, fostering an environment of open dialogue and shared learning. Through this collaborative exchange, students gained deeper insights into the framework, clarifying any uncertainties that may have hindered their comprehension. The workshop facilitated a comprehensive understanding of DSA, empowering students to navigate through potential challenges with confidence and proficiency.

Workshop on “Play Around Web”

The ACE club (Association of coders and encoders) at Pillai HOC College of Engineering and Technology launched its most special awaited event “Play Around Web” for second year engineering student on 29th September, 2022. In an effort to increase students’ enthusiasm for and focus on web development in the most engaging manner possible.

Date: September 29th, 2022
Venue: Department Lab D413
Co-ordinator: Ms. Prachi Sorte & Ms. Kajal Patel
Department: Information Technology Engineering

The “Play around Web” event revealed various aspects of the students’ abilities, including coding, design, problem-solving, and collaboration over Web development.

Event Outcome: The primary objective of the Play Around Web event was to analyse students’ thought process over the web development and difficulties which gets on while learning or executing the Web development in fun way. The event also provided technical and entertaining insight into the various coding aspects and improved comprehension over the Web Insights and development.

Event Feedback: Student attendance at the gathering was strong from all the department of engineering students, according to event feedback. The Students and participants responded well to us and provided excellent input and understanding. Students are even more eager to participate in upcoming ACE Club events of this nature, and we are happy that they are engaged in programming, designing and problem solving in a fascinating manner as we say #PlayAroundWeb.