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Ph.D. in Computer Engineering – Students

List of candidates selected for PhD programme in Computer Engineering 2023-24

PHCET has in the Department of Computer Engineering (10 seats). Students interested for admission should contact the guides directly.

Department of Computer Engineering Guides and their Areas of Research are listed below:

Dr. Jagdhish W. Bakal

Dr. Sunita Patil
Cyber Security, Data Science, Data Mining and Business Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Cyber Security in OSN, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Networking

Machine Learning, Data Science, Data Mining and Business Intelligence

Name of the Research ScholarName of the Research GuideDomain of Research
Ms. Vedika AvhadDr. Jagdhish W. BakalDeep Learning
Ms. Suchita WalkeDr. Jagdhish W. BakalDeep Reinforcement Learning
Ms. Sneha MhatreDr. Jagdhish W. BakalDeep Learning
Ms. Shilpa IngoleyDr. Jagdhish W. BakalComputer Vision/ Deep Learning
Ms. Medha KulkarniDr. Jagdhish W. BakalMachine Learning