Minor Research Project Proposal

Minor Research Project Proposals Sanctioned

DepartmentTitle of Research ProjectPrincipal Investigator and Co-investigatorAmount SanctionedStatus (Completed / In Process)
Year: 2018
Civil Engg.Ambient Air Quality Monitoring for MIDC Patalganga AreaManisha JamgadeRs. 30,000In process
Assessment of Patalganga River Water, Maharashtra, India to check it’s Quality and Suitability for Different PurposesSonali V. BaviskarRs. 40,000In process
Comparative Study of Coconut Fibre Reinforced Concrete with Normal ConcreteMadhulika SinhaRs. 40,000In process
Mechanical Engg.Development of Vertical Axis Turbine using Neodymium Magnets for Power GenerationDr. Gajendra V. PatilRs. 45,000In process
Computer Engg.Real-time Fingerprint Verification using Master PrintDr. Ashok Kanthe
Babita Bhagat
Rs. 30,000In process
Electronics & Telecommunication Engg.Automatic Certificate Generation using MATLABRekha DhawanRs. 15,000In process
Effect of Meditation on Diabetic Patients using EEG and Some Pathological TestSwati NandusekarRs. 20,000In process
Electrical Engg.Smart Solar Grass CutterSangeetha RajagopalRs. 30,000In process
Applied Sciences & HumanitiesHydrogen Storage Properties of Metal HydridesDr. Manvendra VashisthaRs. 35,000In process
Synthesis of Nano Ceramic Oxide by Pechini MethodSanjay GhorpadeRs. 30,000In process
Total Fund ReceivedRs. 3,15,000
Year: 2017
Civil Engg.Analysis and Estimation of Concrete Strength and its Properties with Addition of some IngridentsDr. Shrikant Charhate
Dr. Manasi Subhedar
Nilam Adsul
Rs. 25,000Completed
Experimental Analysis and Testing of Engineered Cementious Composite by Replacing with Tailored MaterialRaju NarwadeRs. 25,000Completed
Mechcanical Engg.Design and Development of Control Systems for Heat Treatment Process Equipment of Electric Induction FurnaceDr. M. D. Nadar
George Joseph
Rs. 30,000Completed
Total Fund ReceivedRs. 80,000
Year: 2016
Civil Engg.Simulation of Water Distribution Network (Including Grey Water) with Application of Hydraulic Modelling & GIS Software - A GIS and Remote Sensing ApproachKarthik NagarajanRs. 25,000Completed
Electronics & Telecommunication Engg.Stair Climbing RobotNeha RaiRs. 20,000Completed
Automatic Solar Grass CutterDivya Y. ChirayilRs. 20,000Completed
GPS Based Soldier Tracking and Health Indication SystemYogita MistryRs. 20,000Completed
Design of Emergency Alert System for Handicapped Persons PhysicallyJayesh RaneRs. 20,000Completed
Black Box System for VehiclesNitesh AgrawalRs. 25,000Completed
3-D Printing for Rapid Photo-typingMansi SubhedarRs. 20,000Completed
Applied Sciences & HumanitiesApplication of Chemoselective Synthesis of Biologically Active Pharmaceautical Organic Compounds using Solid Supportive CatalystSunita KhansoleRs. 25,000Completed
Total Fund ReceivedRs. 1,75,000
Year: 2015
Automobile EngineeringDesign & Development of Ball Balancing RobotVaibhav BhagatRs. 30,000Completed
Civil Engg.Experimental Study of Various Geosynthetics on California Bearing Ratio of Sub Grade MaterialsManisha JamgadeRs. 35,000Completed
Electrical Engg.Brallie PrinterAamir ShaikhRs. 25,000Completed
Electronics & Telecommunication Engg.Location Identity Device for Visually Impaired (Travel Assistant)Rekha DhawanRs. 24,000Completed
Braille Printer for Blind PersonAamir ShaikhRs. 25,000Completed
Remote Controlled Audio-Video RouterUpendra PatilRs. 25,000Completed
Mechcanical Engg.Facture Mechanism for Linear MotorSuhas UthaleRs. 40,000Completed
Testing Setup Development of Hyperelastic MaterialAmeya More
Jyoti Bankar
Rs. 30,000Completed
Development of Ahmed body and its Numerical AnalysisT. R. B. Sanjaikumar
Datta Wakshe
Rs. 30,000Completed
Applied Sciences & HumanitiesStudy of Some Thermoelastic Problems in Solids by Mathematical ApproachJyoti VermaRs. 25,000Completed
Total Fund ReceivedRs. 2,89,000
Year: 2014
Civil Engg.GSM Based Water Pump Control Using 8051 MicrocontrollerDr. Shrikant CharhateRs. 40,000Completed
To Test Effectiveness of FRP Wrap for Resistance of BeamRaju NarwadeRs. 20,000Completed
Computer Engg. & Electronics & Telecommunication Engg.Multilayer Authentication System with High Resistance to Spoofing AttackDr. Chelpa Lingam
Dr. Manasi Subhedar
Rs. 25,000Completed
Electronics & Telecommunication Engg.Low Cost Optical Mark Reader (OMR) Software for Data Collection and Examination GradingGajanan BirajdarRs. 13,000Completed
Wireless Biometric Based Attendance Monitoring using ZigbeeDr. Ravindra N. DucheRs. 20,000Completed
Total Fund ReceivedRs. 1,18,000