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Euforia 2022

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The celebration which brings all the students together and made this event a grand success. “Euforia is all about sharing Happiness, Celebration, and Knowledge.” During this fest, the students showcase their talent by participating in various non-stage and stage events and also coordinate different events e.g singing, dancing, Mr. and Ms. Euforia, reels, fashion show , neon cricket, bench press, table tennis, etc. Euforia was scheduled on 22nd March, 2022 to 23rd March, 2022.

The event was inaugurated with the dhol-tasha pathak. The students were very passionate and determined to make Euforia 2022 a grand event. The crowd was also so cheerful, enthusiastic, and lively, which took the event to new heights. Students were roaming around, cheering for all the participants, encouraging each other by boosting each other’s confidence and showing their skills by participating and winning.

Euforia left an impact on everyone’s hearts and uplifted the ambiance of the campus to a new level altogether. The event has grown into a huge sensation since the day of its commencement receiving overwhelming response and popularity. Euforia has been getting bigger, better and greater every year and setting high standards for the years to come.

Euforia 2k20

Euforia 2k19

Euforia ¾ Celebration Redefined, the name which brings zest to the whole campus, saw a great participation of students from all over the Rasayani campus as well as from other colleges. The students from the whole campus were involved either to organize the event or for participation in various events. The theme of this year’s Euforia was Tollywood, as the name, the energy in the students were out of bounds. Students started building models for installations almost a month before the event was about to start. They were going to different colleges for publicity of various events which were about to took place in this four-day event. Euforia, this year was scheduled from 28th to 31st January 2019, first three days for the cultural events, games, etc. and the fourth day is the most awaiting days of all the DJ Night.

The flash mob, where the large group of students perform dance in the campus area, is the official declaration that the Euforia is about to start. The whole choreography and set up of Flash Mob were done by the students. On the first day of Euforia, the inauguration was done by the Army officials. The mesmerizing beats of ‘Dhol Tasha Pathak’ presented by a professional group Swargarjana announced that the biggest annual festival is about to begin. The enthusiasm and energy in the students were not going down until the end of the day. They were roaming around the campus enjoying and cheering up the participants in various events, showing their skills by participating and winning the event. Students from different colleges also participated in the events and showcased their talents. Students from Rasayani campus emerged victorious in various events like Singing, Dancing, Euforia’s Got Talent. Fashion show, Mr. and Mrs. Euforia. Not only in stage events they emerged victorious in almost all the non-stage events including Neon Cricket, Shuttle drop, Test your Tongue, Ring football, Table Tennis, Treasure Hunt. Euforia was successfully completed with the DJ Night as the DJ lined up were Nina Suerte and Candice Redding from Sunburn campus and Ali Merchant from Bollyboom campus.

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