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Starkers Motorsports 5.0

Team 5.O participated in the National Quad-Torc Event at Sethu Institute of Technology, Madurai.

Quad Torc is an off-road design challenge that provides an opportunity to the students to conceive, design, and fabricate a four-wheel configuration quad bike (ATV) powered by a 250cc engine under a preset of rules and regulations. The vehicle must be engineered for performance & safety while designed with sound ergonomics. The objective is to promote innovation and generate consciousness amongst the young engineers towards practical learning. designed & manufactured an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV).

At, 8th Quad-Torc at Sethu Institute, Madurai.

Our Quad-Bike (ATV) named as “Tarzan”

  • All India Rank 2nd
  • Best Endurance and Fuel Economy
  • Best Acceleration
  • Best Traction
  • Best Suspension
  • Kill the Hill Trophy
  • Best Female Candidate Award
  • Best Driver Award
  • Best Assembly & Disassembly Award

Starkers Motorsports 4.0

Team 4.0 participated in the National event GKDC Concept under EV (Electric Vehicle) Category.

Objective of the Event :

For the purpose of the GKDC, teams are to assume that they work for a firm that is designing, fabricating, testing, and demonstrating a prototype kart for the non-professional, weekend, competition market. The kart should have very high performance in terms of acceleration, braking, and handling and be sufficiently durable to successfully complete all the events described in the GKDC rulebook.

The competition was held virtually due to the pandemic.

At, 1st E-GKDC Concept Event.

An electric vehicle named “VAJRA”.

  • All India Rank 1st
  • Best Cost report
  • Engineering Design Runner up
  • B-Plan Presentation Runner up

Starkers Motorsports 3.0

Team 3.0, participated in National Event’s (7th GKDC & 5th E-GKDC) at Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore. The team designed and manufactured two vehicles, Combustion vehicle (150 CC) Go-Kart as well as Electric Go-Kart for the competition (GKDC: Go kart design challenge)

At, 7th GKDC & 5th E-GKDC on Kari Motorsport Speedway, Coimbatore

For combustion vehicle named as “SYENA”.

  • All India Rank – 2nd,
  • Aesthetic Winner,
  • Endurance Winner,
  • Engineering Design Runner Up,
  • Acceleration Runner Up

For electric vehicle named as “AARYA”.

  • All India Rank – 4th,
  • Endurance Second Runner Up,
  • Acceleration Runner Up,
  • Assembly’s Disassembly Winner

Starkers Motorsports 2.0

Team 2.0 was the only team from Mumbai division to qualify and finish each event successfully in 6th season of Go-Kart Design challenge held at Buddh International Circuit, Noida

At, 6th GKDC Event on Buddh International Circuit, Noida.

  • All India Rank 5th

Engineering Design – 4th

  • Acceleration and Brake Test – 2nd
  • Autocross Test – 3rd
  • Skid pad Test – 5th
  • Endurance – 5th

Starkers Motorsports 1.0

Team 1.0 (2016-18)

The first team of Starkers participated in the National kart racing challenge 2018 held on RPM race track, Bhopal.

  • Team Starkers was the only team to qualify in the dynamic event from Mumbai region.
  • Completed Technical Inspection in first attempt

Achievements :
At National Kart Racing Challenge (NKRC) on RPM race track, Bhopal.

  • Stood 4th in Endurance round (2018)
  • Stood 4th in Overall Championship (2018)