Workshop on “Java Script”

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Department of Information Technology has organized Workshop on “Java Script”.

The main objective of the workshop was to provide importance of Java Script in Web Development.

Event Coordinator
Event Name
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No. of Students Attended
Prof. Shamna Sadanand, Prof. Siddhesh Khanvilkar
5th February, 2022
Workshop on “Java Script”
Mr. Bharat Chillampuram, Full Stack Developer

Mr. Raju Narwade, HOD of Civil Department proposing welcome address to the participants

From this workshop students were able to understand JavaScript’s fundamental programming concepts; the speaker also introduced key tools, libraries and frameworks that programmers use in everyday development. He also showed them how to handle data, control the flow of information in an application, and create custom events. Students also learned the differences between client-side and server-side JavaScript, and expanded their knowledge further by studying the different JavaScript development paradigms.

Certificates were given to all the participants after successful completion of the event.

Vote of Thanks was delivered by IT Department HOD Dr. Divya Y. Chirayil, Associate Professor, PHCET. She expressed her gratitude towards all for making this a successful event.