Workshop on “Industrial Switchgear Selection and Motor Protection with Hands-on Learning“

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Mr. Nikhil Shelar is a Senior Project Engineer at Prasol Chemicals Ltd. in Khopoli. He has over 8 years of experience in the design, testing, and implementation of electrical systems. The Speaker was introduced by Prof. Ronita Pawn and the session began.

31st March, 2022
Prof. Pranita Chavan, Prof. R. M. More

The Department of Electrical Engineering conducted a workshop for final year and third year students on 31st March, 2022 under IEI student Chapter. The separate session is also arranged for non-teaching staff. The primary goal of this workshop is to get practical understanding of industrial switchgear choices, motor protection equipment, single line diagrams and power and control circuit wiring diagrams for DOL/Star-Delta starters used in industries.

The workshop started at 10 a.m. The speaker began with a detailed theory session in which he presented the DOL and Star – Delta wiring diagrams in depth as well as component technical specifications. The session then proceeds to a machine lab for a practical demonstration of starter wiring. Students are shown detailed wiring connections in accordance with the control and power circuit wiring diagram. The starter’s performance was then put to the test on a real 5 HP induction motor, with detailed demonstrations of starting and thermal protection of the motor when it was overloaded. The students learned how to connect the starter and how to pick various components such as contactors, thermal relays and MCBs based on the application.Total 67 students and 9 teaching faculty have attended the workshop. Also 6 non-teaching technical staff have attended the session.

Prof. Pranita Chavan and Prof. R. D. More along with speaker took the efforts batch wise for successful conduction of the workshop. Students were overjoyed and acquired valuable experience in the design, wiring and implementation of motor starters.