Workshop on “Git and Github”

CSI PHCET conducted a peer-to-peer Workshop on “Git and Github” on 31st July, 2021 in order to share knowledge and information among students about this software and platform. This can be seen as a part of our goal “For the Students, by the students”.

Resource Person
31st July, 2021
Rishabh Mehta
Ekta Ukey & CSI Team
Computer Engineering

Event was conducted by Rishabh Mehta, a Third year Computer Engineering student. The session was held for 2 hours. The 1st half of the session consisted of a brief explanation on Git and the 2nd half consisted of a session on github. Both theory and practical segments were covered effectively.

The topics that were included in the session:

  1. Git
    • Version Control Explanation.
    • Basic of gits and Setup.
    • Git commands.
    • Git concepts in Detail.
  2. Github
    • Introduction to Github.
    • Steps to contribute to open source Projects.
    • Briefly explanation of how this platform can be used effectively.

Event Outcome:
Organize and identify workflow files
Add executable scripts
Create workflow and action blocks
Trigger workflows
Discover workflow logs

Event Feedback:

Students showed tremendous interest in the event. For sure it helped them a lot with learning about these open source software and services in detail. As it will result in helping them with their projects be it individual or group projects.