Workshop on “Future of Electronics as an Entrepreneur”

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A webinar on “Future of Electronics as an Entrepreneur” was organised under IETE Student Forum by the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering for SE, TE and BE students on 18th September, 2021. Mr. Sanjay Chaudhari, Director, Electronics Study Centre, Nashik was invited as guest speaker for this session.

The seminar started with a brief overview of various practical aspects in electronic Sector. Speaker explained various techniques to identify electronic components. A live demonstration of component testing was given by the speaker. Students found the session very informative. Some practical tricks for identifying components, its usage at appropriate place and its testing were delivered.

The QA part of the session was really fruitful as students took part actively and cleared their queries. Session ended with vote of thanks. Session feedback submitted by students has confirmed the effectiveness of the session. The webinar was coordinated by Mr. Pratik Mhatre.