Workshop on “Antenna Design Thinking”

Department of Electronics and Telecommunication has set up MoU with ZinZinout Teletech on 7th December, 2020. The scope covers following points:

  1. The industrial training and exposure provided to students and faculty through this association will build confidence and prepare the students to have a smooth transition from academic to working career. PHCET will provide its Labs / Workshops / Industrial Sites for the hands-on training of the learners enrolled with ZinZout Teletech, India.
  2. It will provide Project Based Learning to the students on the emerging technologies in order to bridge the skill gap and make them industry ready through Internship and Value Addition Program.
  3. ZinZout Teletech will also assist PHCET with Profile Development of Studnets to get appropriate job Leads and embark upon Professional Carrier Goals.
  4. It will also extend the necessary support to deliver guest lectures to the students of the First Party on the technology trends and in-house requirements.

Under this MoU, a webinar was organised one day webinar on “Antenna Design Thinking using CST Microwave Studio” on 28th February, 2021 under IETE student’s forum [ISF] for the students of PHCET and other engineering colleges. 350 students& faculty across India participated in the workshop.

Mr. Avichal Sharma, CEO ZinZout Teletech conducted this webinar. Fundamentals of Antenna Design Thinking Antenna Design Lifecycle,UWB, MIMO, Metamaterial & Reconfigurable Technology,Career Opportunities in Antenna & RF Domain were the overall contents of this webinar.