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Pillai HOC College of Engineering and Technology in association with ImaginXP successfully conducted Webinar on “UI/UX Designing” organized by Department of Information Technology on 12th February, 2022 for Faculty and Students of PHCET.

Resource Person

12th February, 2022
Google Meeting
Mr. Abhayjeet Singh
Ms. Kajal Patel

About the Session:
User Experience Design is everything that we interact with during the journey of using a product. A clearly designed product helps in saving time and increases efficiency, whereas a badly designed product not only makes us lose time but also hampers efficiency and causes unnecessary mental strain. We all remember struggling to text on our old mobile phones, with repetition of pressing keys in order to get the character we wanted. This evolved with Blackberry bringing in the QWERTY keyboard to using touch keypads now. The above example clearly explains how a good design makes life simpler and easy for us.

This makes it a highly important supporting discipline for the process of product development. “UX encompasses all aspects of the end user interaction with the company, its services and its products.” It highlights the experiential, effective, meaningful and valuable aspects of human computer interaction (HCI) and product ownership, and it also captures a person’s perceptions and mental model of the practical aspects such as utility, ease of use and efficiency of the system. UX is a conceptual design discipline, which means apart from being aesthetically pleasing it also has certain responsibilities towards its users. It has the primary responsibility of fulfilling the user’s needs in the easiest way possible. Secondly, the design should be clear and tasteful which creates an appealing product. An effective UX is designed by the perfect blend of multiple disciplines like engineering, marketing, graphics and industrial design, interface design, information architecture and psychology. Modern UX is built on Human Factors and Ergonomics. UX aims to provide a clear design and structure to the product, which guides the user throughout the journey of using the product and creates a sense of satisfaction on having completed a task at ease. UX is highly dynamic as it changes with every product. Each product has its own unique set of requirements.

In this workshop 70+ students attended the session.At the end of workshop feedback is collected from the participants.