Webinar on “Recent Trends in Embedded Systems”

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A Webinar on “Recent Trends in Embedded Systems” was organized by Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering for T.E. and B.E. of all engineering disciplines on 4th August, 2021.

Mr. Mrugendra Vasmatkar, Assistant Professor, VES Institute of Technology, Chembur was invited as guest speaker for the session. Ms. Neha Shivhare organized the event.

In this session, architecture and compliers for STM 32 and MSP 430 etc. were discussed in details by the expert. Along with it, how to identify good topic for skill lab projects, recent trends and sample domains that can be considered for project work etc points were discussed.

Total 30 students of T.E. and B.E. attended this session. Students found this session very informative. The session ended with Q&A and discussion on project. Students who attended webinar were awarded certificate on successful submission of feedback. The session ended with vote of thanks from Dr. Mansi Subhedar, Head, Department of E&TC Engineering.