Webinar on “Opportunities & Career Path of IT Engineer”

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Date: 4th July, 2020
Department: Information Technology and Computer Engineering
Resource person: Mr. Sandip Manware Sr.Software Developer, Cognizant Pune
Coordinator: Mr. Nikhil Raje/ Mr. Amol Karande

The webinar on “Opportunities & Career Path of IT Engineer” was organized on Monday, 04th July 2020 for the students of information Technology and Computer engineering department at 03.00pm through Google meet platform. This webinar helped students to get knowledge of upcoming domain and career path. Speaker delivered the brief knowledge about the usage, techniques. By giving real time example and stories, the speaker had captured attention of all participant’s throughout the session.Total 84 students and 2 faculties attended the webinar. Dr. J.E Nalawade, Head of information Technology Department, ended the session with vote of thanks.