Webinar on “Network Penetration Testing”

Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, Pillai HOC College of Engineering and Technology (PHCET), organised a webinar on “Network Penetration Testing” under Special Interest Group: Intelligent Systems and Telenetworks Technologies Pvt. Ltd. on 25th September, 2021. Webinar coordinator, Mr. Jayesh Rane introduced speaker.

Intended Audience
Faculty Coordinato
25th September 2021
Cyber Security
Students and faculty members
Mr. Yogesh Hudale, Director, Telenetworks Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Jayesh Rane

The speaker for webinar was Mr. Yogesh Hudale, Director, Telenetworks Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Speaker covered topics like identification of vulnerabilities within a network and, penetration test, vulnerability assessment and tools related to it. Speaker also demonstrated case studied by using various practical tools used for penetration testing.

Head, department of EXTC Engineering, Dr. Mansi Subhedar presented vote of thanks and informed students about internship and other opportunities available under the MOU between Telenetworks Technologies Pvt Ltd and PHCET.

Total 54 Faculty members and students attended this webinar. Webinar participation was free of cost and e-certificate was issued to the participants on successful completion of session.