Webinar on “Introduction to Database”

Department of Information Technology conducted Webinar on “Introduction to Database”. This webinar was conducted for the students of second year. The main purpose of conducting this webinar was to give students a brief idea about database and make them aware for the basic terms used in database systems.

Date: 18th June, 2020
Platform: Google meet
Resource Person: Prof. Shamna Sadanand

The contents covered in this webinar were

  • Definition of database
  • Purpose of Database Systems
  • Database Management System (DBMS)
  • Data Abstraction
  • Instances and Schemas
  • Data Independence
  • Database Users
  • Database Administrators
  • Data Models
  • Characteristics of Good Database

Link of the recording: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CRWMJ4FXG2hcWjhsReDoyN79AZUG6LXb/view?usp=sharing

28 students attended the webinar.

Co-ordinator: Prof. Shamna Sadanand