Suicide Prevention 2021-22

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A webinar was organized by NSS unit of PHCET along with “Sisters Living Works” a nonprofit NGO, on suicide prevention which took place at 10 o’clock in the morning on Sunday, 4th July, 2021. The meeting was witnessed by around 40 participants. The key speaker Miss. Sachi Mulki made compelling session by making it interactive session and gave a crisp and in depth explanation on the topic. The participants of the webinar were imparted with various subjects and examples related to suicide prevention.

Some of the many topics that were covered were myths and signs of suicide, warning signs, factors affecting the risk of suicide, and helping a suicidal victim. At the end of the session many of the participants had changed their perspective and had gained some an insight. With a generous invitation from the speaker to all the participants to join the NGO the session was completed successfully.