Site Visit to CETP PRIA, MIDC, Patalganga Rasayani

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Faculty In charge: Ms. Manisha Jamgade

A Industrial Waste Treatment Site Visit for the B.E. (Semester VIII) Civil Engineering students was organized by Department of Civil Engineering on 8th April, 2022. The location of site was PRIA CETP, Patalganga Rasayani. The agenda of the visit consist of explanation and understand of Waste Water treatment in CETP plant (i.e. handling of Plant, planning, management, safety in CETP) by their Workers.


  1. To understand the practical knowledge about CETP.
  2. To understand the practical aspect of the waste water treatment technique.
  3. Exposure to the working environment on site and weather conditions CETP plant.
  4. To communicate with the professionals in CETP and to understand the importance of CETP in the every MIDC.
  5. To see the different equipment’s and machineries and their usage CETP plant.
  6. Exposure to different types of PUMPS, Vaccum PUMPs and technology in CETP.
  7. Awareness of the importance of the safety in CETP.