Sensitizing Lab Assistants towards Students

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Mahatma Education Society’s Pillai HOC College of Engineering & Technology, Rasayani helps to enhance the capacity of Lab assistants of Institute to know their duties and responsibilities in lab and towards students. Any person who works in a laboratory must receive training to become knowledgeable about their job description, duties in each position throughout the laboratory and -potential hazards in the laboratory.

30th July, 2016
Electrical Engineering
Pillai HOC College of Engineering and Technology, Rasayani
Prof. Sangeetha Rajagopal

The Department of Electrical Engineering took initiative to provide its Lab assistants a sensitization program towards students. Guest Lecturer Prof. Pranita Chavan conducted the session for the non-teaching faculty. Head of Department Prof. Asokan S. felicitated the guest lecturer.

Knowledge of environment and health safety measures is very important for every lab assistants, thus they have to attend the environmental and safety health measure training. Annually this kind of training is given to all lab assistants. The training session covers Laboratory Standard, references and resources, safety data sheets, personal protective equipment, chemical spill response, chemical and electronic waste disposal, flammable liquids and compressed gases.

Students must be instructed by the Lab assistants of the lab practices like following the safety precautions, dress code, avoiding intentional damage to Lab equipment / college. In case of damage fine will be imposed as per estimate prepared by Lab in-charge on the extent of damage, before start of experiment care should be taken to ensure that the set up is in proper working condition, returning of tools, spares to the concerned Lab-Technician at the end of Lab work etc. Prof. Sangeetha Rajagopal was the key functional person for the smooth functioning and success of this workshop.

Prof. Pranita Chavan giving lecture on importance of trained professionals in Labs

Participants of the program