Seminar on “Power Generation Industry Requirements for Mechanical Engineering”

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Overview of the Event:
Tata Power Limited is an Indian electric utility company based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India and is part of the Tata Group. The core business of the company is to generate, transmit and distribute electricity. With an installed electricity generation capacity of 10,577 MW, it is India’s largest integrated power company. Tata Power has been ranked 3rd in 2017 Responsible Business Rankings [11] developed by IIM Udaipur. In February 2017, Tata Power became the first Indian company to ship over 1 GW solar modules. Tata Power has operations in India, Singapore, Indonesia, South Africa and Bhutan Tata Power Group has its operations based in 35 locations in India.

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26th August, 2019 at 1:00 to 2:30 p.m.
Seminar Hall 3rd Floor
TE Mechanical Students
TATA Power, Shahad
Mechanical Engineering

The thermal power stations of the company are located at Trombay in Mumbai, Mundra in Gujarat, Jojobera and Maithon in Jharkhand, Kalinganagar in Odisha, Haldia in West Bengal and Belgaum in Karnataka. The hydro stations are located in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra and the wind farms in Ahmednagar, Supa, Khanke, Brahmanwel, Gadag, Samana and Visapur. The company installed India’s first 500 MW unit at Trombay, the first 150 MW pumped storage unit at Bhira, and a flue gas desulphurization plant for pollution control at Trombay. It has generation capacities in the States of Jharkhand and Karnataka, and a distribution company in Delhi, servicing over one million consumers spread over 510 square km in the North Delhi. The peak load in this area is about 1,150 MW. Tata Power announced on 24 July 2012, commissioning of the second unit of 525 MW capacity of the Maithon mega thermal project in Dhanbad. The first unit of identical capacity was commissioned in September 2011.

Tata Thermal Power plant

T.E. Students in Power Generation Industry Requirements for Mechanical Engineering

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