Plasma Donation Drive 2020-21

Plasma therapy, broadly known as ‘convalescent plasma therapy’, is a procedure to treat coronavirus infection. The plasma contains that antibodies that can help a patient fight the pathogen and recover from the disease. In an initiative to help Covid patients get treated through plasma of a recovered patient, NSS Unit, PHCET Rasayani organized Plasma Donation Drive in the Month of April 2021.

As part of the project, we prepared list of registered plasma donors online. People keep searching for donors, which wastes their time during treatment. The list helped them find a donor easily and get the treatment on time. Once a donor who recovered from Covid infection and is willing to donate their plasma registers online, doctors contacted them, check all the criteria and ask them to donate the plasma with the respected blood banks. The donor needed to share their name, blood group and address so that they can be contacted. The entire process of donation was free of cost. The main agenda of the campaign was to help the covid patients to get plasma therapy so that they can be cured faster. In total 46 patients were cured and 26 donors donated plasma during this task