Online Webinar on “Indian Space Revolution”

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In commemoration of the Golden Jubilee Year of Mahatma Education Society, Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering of Pillai HOC College of Engineering and Technology (PHCET), Rasayani organized webinar on “Indian Space Revolution” on 19th June, 2020. This webinar was delivered by Mr. Nitesh Agrawal, Former Researcher at LCU, China, Research Scholar, IIST, Thiruvananthapuram.

Faculty Coordinator
19th June, 2020
Mr. Nitesh Agrawal
Mr. Jayesh Rane
Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

Highlights of Webinar:
India began developing satellite technology anticipating the remote sensing and communication needs of the future. India concentrated more on practical missions, directly beneficial to people instead of manned space programs or robotic space explorations.

Following topics were covered in this webinar

  1. Indian Space Industry history and journey and revolution
  2. Satellite Launch Vehicles
  3. Space City
  4. Smaller cheaper Satellites
  5. Future scope in space industry

Total 32 students attended this webinar series.