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Internal Hackathon for ‘Smart India Hackathon (SIH) 2020’ was conducted on 7th February, 2020 in Research and Incubation Centre at PHCET. Total 13 teams with enthusiastic participation of 78 students gen opportunity to showcase their problem solving skills in this Internal Hackathon. Hackathon was held in two categories, Hardware and Software.

Date and Time
Target Audience
7th February 2020 at 9.15 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Internal Smart India Hackathon
Research and Incubation Center
Undergraduate Students
Mr. Jayesh Rane
Dr. Mathew T. Joseph, Dr. Chelpa Lingam, Dr. G. V. Patil, Dr. Mariappan Dharmaraj Nadar, Dr. Sandipan Shankar Pawar, Dr. J. E. Nalavade, Dr. Ashok M. Kanthe, Dr. Shilpa Kewate

The event began at 9.30 a.m. with inauguration at Conclave-I. Dr. Madhumita Chatterjee, Principal of PHCET motivated student about importance of Hackathon and extracurricular activities and Mr. Jayesh Rane, SPOC for SIH 2020 instructed students about the guidelines and rules for Internal Hackathon. Senior professors from various departments evaluated the teams and encouraged the students by distributing participation certificates. Based on innovativeness and effectiveness of the presented work juries selected 7 teams from software and 4 teams from hardware category for participation in Smart India Hackathon 2020.

About SIH 2020:
Smart India Hackathon 2020 is a nation wide initiative to provide students a platform to solve some of the pressing problems we face in our daily lives and thus inculcate a culture of product innovation and a mind-set of problem solving. In SIH 2020, the students will have the opportunity to work on challenges faced within various Ministries, Departments, Industries, PSUs and NGOs, to create world class solutions for some of the top organizations, including world industries, thus helping the Private sector hire the best minds from across the nation.

SIH 2020 can help to:

  • Harness the creativity and expertise of the students
  • Spark institute-level hackathons
  • Build a funnel for ‘Start up India’ campaign
  • Crowd source solutions for improving governance and quality of life
  • Provide opportunity to citizens to provide innovative solutions to India’s daunting problems

Problem Sectors Segment:

  • Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Clean Water
  • Robotics and Drones
  • Healthcare and Biomedical Devices
  • Renewable Energy
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Smart Communication
  • Smart Vehicles
  • Waste Management
  • Food Processing

Teams Participated in Internal Smart India Hackathon 2020

DepartmentName of StudentsRole
Class & Div
Civil EngineeringMs. Oorja ShettyTeam Leader TE-A
Ms. Priyanka ShindeTeam MemberTE-A
Mr. Suurabh ShindeTeam MemberTE-A
Mr. Vaibhav PawarTeam MemberTE-A
Mr. Nikhil PandhareTeam MemberTE-A
Mr. Vedant SawantTeam MemberSE-A
Ms. Athira PillaiTeam Leader TE-A
Mr. Sai KiranTeam MemberSE-B
Mr. Kartik BhatareMr. Kartik BhatareTE-A
Mr. Leon G AnilTeam MemberTE-B
Ms.Anushka BhattTeam MemberTE-B
Ms.Elizabeth CherianTeam MemberTE-A
Computer EngineeringSaurabh Satish BabarTeam Leader TE-B
Ejaj AhammedTeam MemberTE-B
Deepti Anil SonawaneTeam MemberTE-B
Tejaswini Vasant PawarTeam MemberTE-B
Safana SheikhTeam MemberTE-C
Prathamesh PadekarTeam MemberTE-B
Kishan PatelTeam Leader SE-A
Het PatelTeam MemberSE-A
Vishal RajakTeam MemberSE-A
Pranit PatilTeam MemberSE-B
Chaitalee RahateTeam MemberSE-A
Smriti KaduTeam MemberSE-A
Rohan LokhandeTeam Leader TE-A
Abhi ShindeTeam MemberTE-A
Amey PoteTeam MemberTE-A
Suruchi RevandkarTeam MemberTE-A
Shivam LahaneTeam MemberTE-A
Shubham MadhaviTeam MemberTE-A
Neemit shastriTeam Leader BE-B
Bhushan MokalTeam MemberBE-B
Ankit PawarTeam MemberBE-B
Arnav PanchalTeam MemberBE-B
Shefali JoshiTeam MemberTE
Bharti RathodTeam MemberTE
Mechanical EngineeringAastha PandeyTeam MemberTE-A (Extc)
Nitish MathurTeam MemberTE-A
Shubham MauryaTeam MemberTE-A
Rishikesh KambleTeam MemberTE-C (Comp)
Anuj KumarTeam MemberTE-A
EXTC EngineeringNisha JebaraniTeam MemberTE-A (Extc)
Uttaran RoychowdhuryTeam MemberTE-A
Gaurav SolankiTeam MemberTE-A
Omkar ShirkeTeam Leader TE-A
Isha MoreTeam MemberTE-A
Pratik ChoudharyTeam MemberTE-A
Pratik VibhandikTeam MemberTE-A
Electrical Engineering
Omkar DorugadeTeam Leader BE
Vaibhav DhonnarTeam MemberBE
Pradnya KedareTeam MemberBE
Mubashir KaziTeam MemberBE
Prathamesh JangamTeam MemberBE
Sneha JangamTeam MemberBE
Information TechnologyVishwashree KarhadkarTeam Leader TE
Sahil Dnyaneshwar BhorTeam MemberTE
Tejaswini Shankar PatilTeam MemberTE
Ayush Narendra TomarTeam MemberTE
Ashlesha ChavanTeam MemberTE
Sagar KambleTeam MemberTE(COMPS)
Abhishek BoritarTeam Leader TE(IT)
Siddhali MoreTeam MemberTE(IT)
Gaurav GuravTeam MemberTE(COMPS)
Shweta PatilTeam MemberTE(COMPS)
Yogesh JadhavTeam MemberSE(COMPS)
Rohan IssueTeam MemberTE(MECH)
Gupta ShrinathTeam LeaderSE(IT)
Kadam OmkarTeam MemberTE(IT)
Dubey SaurabhTeam MemberTE(IT)
Singh VandanaTeam MemberTE(IT)
Jadwal SarikaTeam MemberSE(IT)
Warge SarveshTeam MemberSE(IT)
Interdepartmental TeamR.S. ShinjoTeam LeaderBE
Ashish GondhaliTeam MemberBE
Ashwini PatilTeam MemberBE
Reshma PanickerTeam MemberBE
Santukta PawarTeam MemberBE
Gaurav MishraTeam MemberBE