Industrial Visit to Smart Kalyan Dombivli Development Corporation Ltd., Kalyan (W)

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Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering organized an Industrial Visit for Third and Final year students on 18th August, 2022, at Smart Kalyan Dombivli Development Corporation Ltd., Kalyan (W). 21 third-year students, 8 final year students along with faculty coordinators Prof. Rekha Dhawan and Prof. Jayesh Rane attended the visit. The main objective was to demonstrate various functions in the smart control room of Mahanagar Palika. The authorities and their representatives demonstrated live monitoring of various activities. In the smart city project CCTV cameras, Flood sensors, Fixed and PTZ cameras, Vehicle mounted cameras, and Drones are placed across the city. A command-and-control center is established for the Municipal Corporation and police department for round-the-clock monitoring of the entire city. Students could see these operations and controls in real-time.

The smart Vehicle Management System in which number plate is captured and if a vehicle disobeys any rule, a fine is charged automatically. Intrusion Alert System in which if an unauthorized person tries to enter in restricted place how the cameras near it interact with each other and within a fraction of seconds signal is sent to control room. Emergency Control Box and how it is helpful for people were demonstrated. A person in danger or in any sort of need can press the button provided on the box and he / she gets the required help from the control center. In the city, Display Boards are mounted at two locations to send emergency messages to residents. A public Address System is also present in the city which is used in the time of emergency situations when common instructions are to be passed to people. There are many more systems implemented in the city that were demonstrated to students. Our students also interacted with the authorities and cleared their doubts.

A real-time demonstration of all smart systems was given, Students found it very interesting and helpful. They got many new ideas to implement for their minor and major projects.