Hands on Workshop of “Robotics and IOT” with IOT Exhibition

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Resource Person
Faculty Coordinator
29th and 30th March, 2024
D414 Programming Lab
Prof. Shubham Thakur
Dr. Divya Chirayil
Information Technology

Event Objective

To provide the students with hands-on experience and knowledge in IoT concepts, prototyping, connectivity, security, and real-world applications, fostering collaboration and inspiring innovation in the Industry.

IOT Exhibition helped them to develop real time Projects after Hands- on Workshop .It offered students hands-on experience in applying theoretical knowledge to practical problems and also provided an opportunity for students to work on projects from conception to execution, gaining valuable skills in project management, problem- solving, and teamwork.

Event Outcome

  • Enhanced Hardware and software Skills in IOT devices and interfacing with real time sensors.
  • To develop various Real Time Hardware Projects applicable to Industry Research and Development


  • Introduction to Robotics ,IOT and Wireless Networks
  • Real Time IOT Project Implementation
  • Commonly used Sensors, Microcontrollers like Arduino and Rasberry Pie for Projects
  • Interfacing Sensors with Microcontrollers like Arduino and Raspberry Pie with Zigbee and Bluetooth Devices.
  • Real Time building various IOT and Robotics Projects
  • Exhibition and future Scope in Industry
  • Security and privacy considerations in IoT deployments.
  • Prototyping and development of IoT solutions using hardware and software tools.
  • Real-world IoT applications across various industries (e.g., smart cities, healthcare, agriculture).
  • Case studies and success stories in IoT innovation.
  • Future trends and advancements in the field of IoT.