Faculty Seminar Series 2020 – EXTC Engg.

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Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering organized faculty seminar series from 11th to 15th June, 2020. All the faculty members presented their views on different topics of their interest. The online sessions were taken using Google meet app.

The details are as follows:

Dr. Mansi Subhedar:
Topic: Machine learning and applications
Various machine learning algorithms were discussed. Applications of supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning were discussed in detail.

Ms. Neha Rai:
Topic: CMOS Design
Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor is the basic element of VLSI Design. CMOS gate design, static logic circuits, dynamic logic circuits were discussed.

Ms. Rekha Dhawan:
Topic: Image Processing
Need and different applications of image processing were explained. The applications of image processing like Remote sensing, Transmission and encoding, Machine/Robot vision, Color processing, Pattern recognition, Video processing, Microscopic Imaging , etc. were discussed.

Ms. Priya Tambe:
Topic: Satellite Communication
Basics of satellite system, its evolution and different orbits of satellite were discussed. Different frequency range for satellite communication for different applications was discussed.

Mr. Jayesh Rane:
Topic: Programming Pedagogy of C Language
Seminar aimed to motivate the participants to inculcate the Programming skills and also to master the art of Programming over the period of time. Programming concepts are made easier and explained in detail considering the participants from non programming background also.

Mr. Mithun Nair:
Topic: Asynchronous Adiabatic Logic
Adiabatic Logic styles in low power VLSI design have been examined for many years to achieve predictable low power design success. Adiabatic circuits are very low power circuits compared with CMOS logic circuits. To get out of the problems related to clock generation and synchronous clock routing a new solution namely asynchronous adiabatic logic was discussed.

Mr. Upendra Patil:
Topic: Arduino Programming
Basics of Arduino Programming were discussed. Sample applications using Arduino were explained in detail.

Mr. Pratik Mhatre:
Topic: Antenna Design
Different types of antennas, and design of patch antenna, different design constraints and simulation of patch using HFSS simulation software was discussed.

Mr. Shashikant Renushe:
Topic: Introduction to Mechatronics
Fundamentals of mechatronic system, design of various mechatronics system were discussed in detail. Role of PLC in mechatronics system design was demonstrated.