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Scope: The Internet of Things (IoT) is expanding at a rapid rate, and it is becoming increasingly important for professionals to understand what it is, how it works, and how to harness its power to improve business. The expansion of IoT in the country is expected to be spurred by several developments. The proliferation of sensors which will work with an ever growing number of intelligent systems and applications. The Indian IT industry has an opportunity to provide software applications, services and analytics related to IoT over the next few years. This one-day Exhibition creates awareness on IoT & it’s applications in following domains: Smart Health, Smart Transportation, Smart Agriculture, Smart Buildings, Smart Cities, Smart Security, Smart Retail.

Program Coordinator
12th October, 2018
Information Technology Engineering
Ms. Rupali Sathe & Mr. Amol Karande

The IoT Innovation Exhibition organized by the department of Information Technology of Pillai HOC College of Engineering and Technology, was held on 12th October, 2018. The total 21 groups have participated in this Exhibition. The students were motivated to conduct this exhibition during their IoT practical session which is the part of their curriculum for the current semester. The faculty in charge for the subject and students organized and participated in this programme very enthusiastically giving working models of where and how IoT can be used in our day today life.

The programme was inaugurated by Mr. Mohan Ingle Asst. Manager at National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM). He was very impressed by the hardware models and presentations of every group. With an endeavour to promote scientific attitude among budding young students, this exhibition was one of its kind. As the host team, IT Department students participated only for the spirit of participation, sharing and learning and not in the competitive section.

The judges applauded the students for their novel ideas as the world is moving towards digital India, which would help the world to become a much better place to live in. HOD prof. Monisha Mohan thanked all the participating teams for making this event a success and appreciated their novel projects. Students from other departments of Second Year, Third Year and Final Year had come to view the projects which in turn proved to be a learning experience for them. The ceremony of workshop came to an end with a group photo session.