C Programming is a general-purpose and high-level language that was initially developed by Dennis M. Ritchie. This C Quiz is designed to give an overview of the C programming Language. All the applicants can check the given C Questions and Answers to prepare for the interviews. To increase the skills in the C Programming Language, the students need to practice the C Online Tests. For the sake of aspirants, we have arranged the C Mock Test on google forms to prepare. To clear students concepts and will prepare you for the interviews.

Club Name
Name of the Event
Students’ Council of Computer Department and SIG
C programming Quiz Competition
25th March, 2021
12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Mr. Abhijeet More and Ms. Shrutika Khobragade

C helps you to understand the internal architecture of a computer, how a computer stores and retrieves information. Total 74 Students had attempted the C Programming Quiz Competition.