Webinar on “Importance and Manufacturing of Biofuels”

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Title of the Webinar: “Importance and Manufacturing of Biofuels”
Organized by: M Power Energy Pvt. Ltd. and Students’ Council, Department of Automobile Engineering, PHCET
Category: Webinar
Name of the Faculty Coordinator: Mr. Vaibhav Bhagat
Name of the Student Coordinator: Mr. Sumedh Shinde, Mr. Mohd. Sahil Shaikh, Mr. Shriram Sapre
Date: 10th August, 2021 at 5:00 p.m.
Target Audience: SE, TE, BE students of All Branches
No. of Audience: 51
Related Subjects: I C Engine

Objective: To provide awareness regarding non-conventional energy resources for engine fuels.

Speaker Profile:
Mr. Sam Maladkar
He is having the vast knowledge in Biofuels and Engine Compatible fuel Industry and various Biodiesel and Bio petrol Blends. He enjoys creating aneco-friendly and user health Conscious Products that are very safe which are having gradual increasing demand in market. He has experience in Research, development and manufacturing of energy and healthcare products. He is doing project consultancy in the field of chemicals, petroleum, Bio-tech and related fields. He gives hands-on experience to students on various platforms, extensive R& D, training and practical implementation in the biofuel manufacturing, experience in project consultancy.

Content of the Webinar:

  • Introduction to Importance of Biofuel
  • Brief about Automobile Industry
  • Engine Compatibility of different biofuels
  • Different types of biofuels and their applications
  • Manufacturing of biofuels
  • Energy Utility
  • Project Patenting and New Research Development in this field
  • Brief about how to Set up new projects in chemical fields
  • Petroleum and bio tech projects and their future aspects
  • Manufacturing of energy products And healthcare products
  • Design of Engine Components (e.g. Cylinder, Crank, Connecting Rod, Valves, Cam etc. (for several purpose vehicles)
  • Engine & Accessories according to biofuel and possibility to use different organic components