Three Days Hands on Training on “MasterCam Software”

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Topics include in CAD/CAM systems (Hardware and Software), Geometric modeling using curves, surfaces and solids, CAD/CAM data exchange, CAD and CAM integration, Mechanical assembly, Mechanical Tolerancing, Mass property calculations, Process planning and Tool path generation, integration of CAD/CAM with the production machine and Computer control of machines and processes in manufacturing systems. Projects will focus on development of geometric procedures for design and manufacturing applications and the use of commercial CAD/CAM software for automating the production cycle. Applications include NC machining, design of (optimum) cutting tools and modeling and design of fixtures for dies and molds. Hands-on experience is attained through CNC machine tool laboratory.

4th August, 2018
Automobile Engineering

A representative from CNC software inc. for MasterCam product was called to provide the training. Faculties teaching particular subject as well s interested faculities attended the training and got benefitted.