Tech-Quiz and Tech-Elocution Competition

The Pillai HOC College of Engineering and Technology held Tech-Quiz and Tech-Elocution Competition on Friday, 10th August, 2018. The inaugural ceremony started with a warm welcome of the dignitaries. The dignitaries included Dr. Ashok Kanthe (HOD), Dr. Joseph Mathew and all the HODs of Other Departments. After the introduction, all the dignitaries kindled the lamp. Then it followed by the felicitation and motivational speech of all the dignitaries present at the event.

10th August, 2018
Computer Engineering

The Tech-Quiz has been conducted with an intention to judge and enhance the technical understanding level of students. The students were excited to participate as they got the platform to assess their knowledge level acquired till date.

Along with this, tech-elocution competition also conducted successfully. The competition was judged by PHCET faculty, Mr. Vikram Pawar and Ms. Neetu Pillai to ensure the fair judgment of the performance. It was really hard for the judges to decide the winners.

We expressed our sincere gratitude and appreciation to all the alumni who have travelled all the way from different part and places to become the part of this most prestigious event of our college.