PTM OSAY Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering 2019-20

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The Parent Teacher’s Meeting was organized by the Department of EXTC Engineering on 24th August, 2019 in A-104, 1st floor, Engineering Building. The meeting started with the welcome address by Head of the Department, Prof. Divya Chirayil. She explained the agenda of the meeting in front of around 30 parents. CC and TPO also interacted with the parents.

24th August, 2019
A-104, 1st Floor, Engineering Building
Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

The agenda of the meeting was:

  • Improve Performance of Students
  • Exam Scheme
  • Attendance & Result of Student
  • Project Based Learning Methodology
  • Regular Attendance
  • Action to be taken for defaulter students
  • Syllabus covered & planning for remaining
  • Time management for self study
  • Focus on zero ATKT and its advantage
  • Under Teacher Guardian scheme, Interaction of every students Parents with Teachers
  • Unit test I marks

Parents also interacted with Class Coordinator and respective subject teachers. All details of a ward were discussed individually by class coordinator and counseling for improvement was given accordingly. Parents filled the feedback form and expressed their views for the meeting.