PTM Electronics and Computer Science OSAY 2022-23

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Parent Teacher meeting was organized by the Department of Electronics and Computer Science on Saturday 1st October, 2022.

Principal Dr. J. W. Bakal addressed the gathering with his speech with a warm welcome and appreciation of parents for attending the Offline Parents Meet after the COVID-19 Pandemic. Training and Placement officer Ms. Divya Nair informed the policies and planning for upcoming placement activities. She presented a detailed outline and offered dos and don’ts for students and provided useful tips for placement. The examination cell in charge Mr. Amar Jadhav discussed upcoming oral practical and semester examination details.

At the department level, the Head of the Department, Dr. Mansi Subhedar discussed dept initiatives and the efforts taken by the department for technical as well as the overall development of students by providing them in-house facilities. She briefed parents regarding IETE activities, academic sessions, workshops, etc. She also introduced all class teachers of respective classes to the parents. Class teachers introduced their subject in charge and discussed student performance. Class teachers also have explained the efforts taken by the Subject-In-Charges for conducting extra lectures and practicals for better understanding.

Later, parents were encouraged to ask their queries if any regarding the lectures, attendance, internal marks, assignments, fees etc.

Student mentors discussed these points with their mentees and parents.

The meeting was closed with a vote of thanks on behalf of the department by the Head, Dr. Mansi Subhedar. Parents reported their feedback in the form of appreciating the efforts taken by the institute and the department for their ward’s bright future.