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The Grandest Celebration of Science Day ever in a Pillai HOC Campus!

28th February, 2019

Presenting for you – *Prayog 2019* – A Sci-Movie Competition!

Create a short movie of any science experiment performed by you, send us and stand a chance to win many precious prizes!!

Open for students from all institutes (schools & college)


  1. The movie clip should be in a *science domain* (duration should be less than *59 sec*), which will be later uploaded in our official Instagram page: *@pillaiisro*
  2. The participants (1 or more) should *feature* in the experiment clip for authentication.
  3. The experiment can be performed on table, lab, ground etc.
  4. Registration fee is *1 Rupee*.
  5. All participants should register through *google form* Link below
  6. The videos are to be mailed at **
  7. Provide a *Poster/Template* in a picture format along the video. ( see the attached template )


  1. Registration starts from *14th February, 2019*
  2. Last date for submission of videos is on *24th February, 2019 (Sunday) till 12:00 midnight*
  3. Exhibition of your experiments will be kept for *display on 28th February, 2019*
  4. Results will be declared on *28th February, 2019 (afternoon 3:00 p.m.)*

Judgement Criteria

  1. Number of *likes* of your clip on our official Instagram page.
  2. AND

  3. *Judges views* after reviewing during exhibition.


  1. Autographed books by *Prominent scientists from ISRO*.
  2. *Certificates* to all participants.
  3. Selected candidates (after review) will be recommended for *ISRO Projects*.
  4. *Visit* to the world’s largest telescope – GMRT (Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope), Pune.

After Filling Google form

Do the Payment
on *paytm*: 8898233248
on *UPI*: 8898233248@paytm
on *Phone pe*: 8898233248

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Prayog 2019 Participant
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