National Kart Racing Championship 2018

Team Starkers
About: Team starkers is a Go-Karting team from Pillai HOC College of Engineering & Technology. This team participates in the motorsport events run at National Level for students of engineering colleges by various organizers. Currently this team is working for its second event and consists of 25 students from mechanical & automobile departments. The current team “Starkers 2.0” is participating in the 6th season of GKDC Motorsport event. The manufacturing stage for this event is starting in December 2018.

Team starkers had organized a Seminar on Go–Karting for student, also team starkers had organized a workshop in Design & Manufacturing of Go Kart for 3 days for students. The recruitment for next team is also started. The new recruits will be trained by the current team for Designing & manufacturing of kart as well as managing the team as a business.


  • Team starkers was the only team to qualify in the NKRC 2017 event from Navi Mumbai region.
  • Completed technical Inspection in first attempt.
  • Stood 4th in endurance round.
  • Stood 4th in overall championship.

Current Status:
Now the younger generation of team formed is more energetic and enthusiastic. A perfect balance is made for all-round growth. Team is growing continuously in all aspects.

Team is working hard on their strong points and harder on weak points to generate better results. Team is giving its 100% during upcoming Motorsports event GKDC 2019 Noida.