Internship Presentation

As per practice of every semester, even this semester i.e. ESAY 2017-18 students from different classes of Department of Civil Engineering, especially that from third year went for the internship. The department always encourages students also provides necessary facilities, for the same. Few students approach the internship employee by their own choice. Permissions are granted to all the willing students by the department as well as by the institute. Later, on successful completion of the internship they submit a detailed report about their internship. To encourage more number of students towards internship, the department ask the intern students to share their experience with other students through presentations on their internship.

Target Audience
2nd August, 2018
Civil Engineering
T.E. A & B (ESAY 2017-18) students

The department has a goal to send maximum number of the students for the internship as on-site work is an inseparable part of the civil engineer’s life.

The aims of internship are to help students:

  • To meet certain company requirements
  • To understand academic principles and added relevance to course work
  • To understand commercial, practical and human restrains
  • To develop personal skills in particular self management, team work, customer-client relationships, etc.

This semester presentations were conducted on Thursday, 2nd August, 2018 in C-505 (Seminar Hall). The presentations began with an address note by Prof. Dr. Tejaswini D. N., Head of Civil Engineering Department along with team of Departmental faculty members. Address note was followed by individual presentations by the intern students.

The key points included in the students’ presentations are:

  1. Name of the firm
  2. Objectives of internship,
  3. Technical and practical details which they learnt and
  4. Relevance of syllabus with On-site experience

The other students were very excited by knowing the benefits achieved as well as beyond the syllabus knowledge gained by the interns, they also show their interest for internship.