Industrial Visit to Shri Chhatrapati Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd., Bhavaninagar, Baramati, Pune

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Total Number of Students19 Students
Total Number of Faculty Members05
Date of Visit29th July, 2022
Industries VisitedShri Chhatrapati Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd. Bhavaniagar, Baramati, Pune
Krishi Vigyan Kendra (Kvk), Baramati
Centre of Excellence (COE) In Dairy, Baramati
Indian Biodiesel Corporation, Baramati

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Pillai HOC College of Engineering and Technology (PHCET), Rasayani arranged an Industrial Visit to on 29th July, 2022.

  • Shri Chhatrapati Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd In Bhavaniagar, Baramati, Pune
  • Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), Baramati,
  • Center of Excellence (CoE) In Dairy, Baramati,
  • Indian Biodiesel Corporation, Baramati

A group of 22 members (17 students and 5 faculty members) participated in this event.

This visit was organized during the annual maintenance period of the sugar factory and thus the members participated got a great opportunity to get an exposure to the details of the sugar manufacturing technology and bagasse based power generation technologies which are not usually visible, by witnessing the dismantled machineries and equipment.

At Krishi Vigyan Kendra students were briefed about the problems faced by the farmers while performing agriculture. Steps on how can the farm output be increased, by the use of organic fertilizers, the appropriate crop planting patterns, educating the farmers about the soil health, the ways they can replenish the lost nutrients in the soil. KVK is also involved in generation of the hybrid or genetically modified seed which are diseases/ pest resistant and many more benefits for the farmers. KVK also focus on what modern machineries and technologies could be developed for better yielding and better harvesting of crop.

For Centre Of Excellence (CoE) In Dairy, Baramati, a walk through was conducted on the plant campus, the demonstration of cattle arriving at the milking station to the exit of the cattle from the station was shown. We were also guided on the flow process of the milk, from milking from the cattle to pasteurization, to the end packing of milk & milk products.

For Indian biodiesel corporation, Baramati, students were introduced to optimization of biodiesel production process from non-edible oilseeds / feed stocks like Jatropha, Karanja castor. The impacts of using biodiesels in conventional CI engines, the scope of research in the field of biodiesel were discussed with students and students were guided on opportunities in this field.

List of Students Participated

Name of StudentClass and Division
Habbu RishiBE Mechanical Div- A
Rathod SumitBE Mechanical Div- A
Salunkhe AyushBE Mechanical Div- A
Tate Sagar DBE Mechanical Div- A
Patil PremBE Mechanical Div- A
Bansode RohitBE Mechanical Div- A
Dalavi HuzefaBE Mechanical Div- A
Rupnar PrathameshBE Mechanical Div- B
Darves Mandar DBE Mechanical Div- B
Mane Shubham GopalBE Mechanical Div- B
Chaudhari Ankur RBE Mechanical Div- B
Koli Siddhaved SBE Mechanical Div- B
Deore Mayur DBE Mechanical Div- B
Sonavale RasikaBE Mechanical Div- B
Dalavi HuzefaBE Mechanical Div- B
Patil VibhanshuBE Mechanical Div- B
Patil SiddhartBE Mechanical Div- B
Patil SwedBE Mechanical Div- B
Pohari AbhijitBE Mechanical Div- B

List of Faculty Members Participated

Name of Faculty
Mr. Hemant M. PatilMrs. Sayali Kulkarni
Mr. Rahul S. WarghaneMr. Vaibhav Bhagat
Mr. Atul Jade