Industrial Visit to MIDC Water Treatment Plant, Patalganga 2016

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Water treatment plant (Capacity: 250 MLD) situated in Patalganga is one of its kind which is equipped with the latest technology and a testing laboratory which ensures a regular monitoring of water quality keeping the issues of operational efficiency and environmental sustainability. The project is developed with the state of the art technology. On reaching plant, Executive Engineer, gave a warm welcome and the Plant Manager, gave introduction on the need of water treatment process. He explained the working of the plant and the various steps involved in getting the purified water. He also instructed about the precautions to be taken by the students during the plant tour. Afterwards, the other staff started the visit of the plant with the pump house which receives water Morbe dam which is followed by Cascade aerator cum mixing chamber. The purpose of aerator is to increase the availability of oxygen in water and remove any harmful volatile gases. The next step is the settling of sludge through three big settlers. The water is then passed through distribution chambers in pulsators. The filtered water thereafter is exposed to a calculated amount of chlorine for removal of pathogenic bacteria and algae. Finally sludge is removed through coagulation with alum & poly aluminium chloride and remaining water is recycled through a waste water recovery unit.

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10th October, 2016
Applied Sciences and Humanities
02, Mr. Amol Bhavsar, Mr. Ketan Patil
Students of First year Engineering