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The Electrical Engineering Department organized an Industrial Visit for the Third year students to Western Railway Virar Carshed. All the third year Electrical Engineering students along with Mr. R. D. More, Ms. Pranita Chavan, Mr. Keshav Chogule and Mr. Pradeep Shinde visited to the Virar carshead, western railway on 12th March, 2018 with an interest of linking the theoretical knowledge with the practical aspects of Traction system.

12th March, 2018
Electrical Engineering
Virar Carshed
Mr. R. D. More, Ms. Pranita Chavan, Mr. Keshav Chogule

Mr. Mishra and Mr. Ansari Sir has given brief idea about traction system like Dc traction system and Ac traction system in details. Main HT Power Circuit of AC-EMU and Schematic power circuit of AC (EMU) explained in details. He has briefly discussed about different types of traction motor their performance, different method used for speed control and why Dc is now replaced by Ac. The main advantage of Ac traction system id by using V/F method speed control is more effective and by regenerative braking 40% energy consumption is achieved. Students were given brief idea about signal system used in traction system, different safety features.

Students got opportunity to see the locomotive driving section. Mr. Mishra sir has briefly explained how the train is provided traction and brake by Motorman with the help of joystick. The different parameter displaced on screen in motorman cabin like supply available, braking status, event occurred, master key, cabin occupation, status of light, fan in different units.

He has given brief history of different EMU and their advancement, different parts of traction like Current Collection System, Transformer, Rectifier, Control unit, pantograph.