Industrial Visit to Airport Utility Building, Andheri

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Department of Electrical Engineering organized an Industrial Visit to Airport Utility Building, located near the terminal 2 of Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai. We received permission for this wonderful opportunity from Mr. Satyendar Tanwar, General Manager – HR of Mumbai International Airport Ltd. There the students had excellent demonstration of the operation from Senior Executives who were responsible for the proper commissioning of the supply to Terminal 2.

Faculty Co-ordinator
13th March, 2019
Airport Utility Building, Andheri
Mr. R. D. More, Dr. Panimaya Selvi Isabel
Electrical Engineering

Nearly 60 Students of T.E. Electrical Engineering benefited from this visit. Students were given an overall view of the power supply distribution within the airport. They were able to see the practical application of protection and switch gear instruments. Theload flow analysis, control and monitoring of power was explained in an excellent way to the students. The Power management system comprising of substation, PLC and SCADA was explained step by step using the installed systems. Standby Diesel Generator of latest technology was shown and its operation briefed to the students. The operation and maintenance and the construction warehouse for that capacity of auxiliary power supply was explained in detail.

Overall programming logic was explained for various scenarios of fault situation and how it is communicating with SCADA – Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system was elaborately briefed to the students. The single line diagram (SLD) for monitoring 11 substation and the various circuit breakers associated with them was shown and explained. Solar panels were for generation of nearly 79 kW of power was shown and their utilization for sewage treatment plant and chiller plants were explained. Even the neutral and grounding of entire system was briefed. This industrial visit was an excellent opportunity for students to realize the theoretical knowledge in a practical way.