Hands-on Workshop on “Robotics”

Department of Electronics & Computer Science, Pillai HOC College of Engineering and Technology (PHCET), Rasayani organized one day Hands-on Workshop on “Robotics” in association with IETE Students Forum (ISF) on 25th January, 2023.

Faculty Coordinator
25th January, 2023
Signal processing Lab
Mr. Mithun Nair

The workshop was conducted for on manually controlled robots and automatic robots. Speaker of the workshop was Prof. Mithun G. Nair, Department of Electronics and Computer Science. Total 40 Students attended this workshop.

Workshop started at 10:15 a.m. with introduction by Prof. Mithun G. Nair. Introduction to Robotics, components required for manually controlled robots and automatic robots were explained.

Hands on training session started in second slot. The robotics workshop was well-received by the participants, students found the content engaging and informative. At the end, participants have completed the given assignment of making manually controlled robots and automatic robots.

The robotics workshop was a success, providing participants with a solid foundation in robotics and inspiring them to explore this exciting field further. Feedback from the participants indicated that they would like to see more advanced workshops in the future. The IETE Student Forum thanked all participants who have actively joined in the workshop and assisted in one way or another for the initiatives to spread the robotics education. IETE student forum expressed gratitude to Prof. Mithun G. Nair for their role in ensuring the success of the workshop.