Guest Lecture on “Emerging Technology – Data Science (using Python, R, SAS)”

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Theme: Data Science incorporates both the technical and non-technical issues and phenomena that arise from the explosive rise in data. It provides methods of collecting and analysing this data and visualising the results, ultimately offering data scientists a set of tools to tell stories using data.

10th August, 2018
Mr. Ashwin Gowtham
Information Technology Engineering

Data Science is a study which deals with identification, representation and extraction of meaningful information from data sources to be used for business purposes.

With enormous amount of facts generating each minute, the requirement to extract the useful insights is a must for the businesses to stand out from the crowd. Data engineers setup the database and data storage in order to facilitate the process of data mining, data mining and other processes. Every other organization is running behind profits, but the companies that formulate efficient strategies based on fresh and useful insights always win the game in the long-run.

Course Contents: Highlighted points for Data Science Seminar are as follows:

  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Importance of Data Science
  • Industrial Tools Exposure (R, SAS, Python)
  • Market Job Opportunities and Exposures
  • Software Interaction
  • Machine Learning Connectivity