Engineer’s Day

The Celebration of Engineer’s Day jointly organized by IEI Student’s Chapter of Department of Electrical Engineering commenced at 1:30 p.m. in the architecture hall. B.E. Student Azeem Zombarkar welcomed all the faculty members of Electrical Engineering Department, and felicitation of all the faculty members was done by B.E. students.

14th September, 2017
Electrical Engineering
Prof. Aamir Shaikh, Prof. Supriya Shigwan

Lamp lighting was done after the felicitation. Then HOD of Electrical Engineering Department Prof. Pranita C. gave a small speech regarding Engineer’s Day. Then T.E. Electrical student Juilee Datar gave a speech on the topic “Role of Engineers in A Developing India” which is also the theme of Engineer’s Day she also briefed about Achievements of the greatest Indian Engineer Mokshagundam Visvervaraya and as a tribute to Sir MV, Engineers Day is celebrated across India.

The event then continued with prize distribution of poster, rangoli and quiz competition which also arranged by Department of Electrical Engineering followed by some fun events which were arranged for both staff as well as student then by some small spot event games which were played by students. The celebration ended at 4:15 p.m.