ASM Materials Camp Drone Workshop 2022

Event Date19th December 2021
Mode of ConductPhysical
ThemeInteraction with an Industry experts
OrganizersDr. R.C. Prasad, Dr. G. V. Patil & Mr. Sunilsing Rajput
SpeakersExperts from Aerospace department, IIT Bombay
No of Students Participated
No of Faculty Participated06

The four days offline ASM Materials Camp organized by the institute innovation council at the PHCET Rasayani is a joint program in association with ASM International Materials Foundation USA & ASM International India Chapter This is an outreach program designed to expose concepts of advanced materials and their applications in industries. Hands on experiments are planned on Design, Fabrication of PCBs, Sensors,3D printing, Making Shaping & Treating of steels and their Structure property correlation (Mechanical, NDT , Microstructural) under the guidance of Professors, Industry Experts and students from IIT Bombay & PHCET Rasayani. Short lectures and interactive Lab Sessions will culminate in Drone Workshop on the last day.

Concurrent with this we organised a drone workshop for one full day at PHCET by the AeSI. The objective of this program was to provide vocational guidance, promote activities related to materials manufacturing, aviation and aerospace. It also aimed to reach out to school students from remote areas and excite them to pursue careers in materials engineering and activities related to aviation and aerospace. One day drone workshop held on 19th December, 2021 at the PHCET research and innovation center where students learned about drone concepts, drone making, flying and controlling with their mobile devices.