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Standards Club of Mechanical Engineering Department, PHCET in collaboration with Bureau of Indian Standards, Mumbai Branch Office-II successfully celebrated “World Consumers Rights Day 2024” based on the theme “Fair and Responsible AI for Consumers” with students and faculty of PHCET.

Date15th March, 2024
Mode of ConductPhysical
VenueSeminar hall, Mech Dept.-Third floor and Campus lawn
Faculty CoordinatorMr. Vaibhav Bhagat
DepartmentMechanical Engineering
Target AudienceSE, TE, BE students of Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, and Computer Branches
No. of Students Participated136
No. of Faculty attended04

Event Objectives:

To raise awareness, empower consumers, and advocate for strong protections against unfair business practices and violations of consumer rights worldwide.

Event outcomes:

World Consumer Rights Day celebrated at Pillai HOC College of Engineering and Technology, Rasayani on March 15th, several impactful outcomes were achieved. The event fostered awareness among students about their rights as consumers and the importance of ethical consumerism in society. Through engaging workshops, seminars, and interactive sessions, students gained insights into various consumer rights issues such as product safety, fair pricing, and transparent business practices. Additionally, students were empowered with knowledge on how to assert their rights effectively and responsibly. The event also served as a platform for students to voice their concerns and suggestions for improving consumer protection measures. Overall, the celebration of World Consumer Rights Day at the college sparked meaningful discussions, heightened consciousness, and inspired action towards creating a more equitable and consumer-friendly environment.


World Consumer Rights Day is an occasion celebrated globally on 15th March to raise awareness about consumer rights and promote the importance of consumer protection. This year the theme promoted is “Fair and Responsible AI for Consumers”

As a part of the BIS World Consumer Rights Day Celebrations, Standard Club, PHCET in collaboration with the Mumbai Office-II of BIS, has carried out Awareness programme and door to door activity on 15th March 2024 at 10.30 a.m.

In this program first Mr. Vaibhav Bhagat , faculty coordinator -Standards Club gave a presentation on The Importance of standards and Consumer rights. One notable initiative by BIS that enhances consumer engagement and accessibility to information is the BIS care mobile app. This app serves as a valuable tool for consumers to verify the authenticity of products by scanning their barcode and checking if they comply with BIS standards. Through this app, consumers can make informed decisions while purchasing goods, thereby empowering them to exercise their rights effectively and responsibly. Mr. Vaibhav Bhagat gave a demo of this app to the students and also made a discussion on “Fair and Responsible AI for Consumers” with students. Dr. G. V. Patil, ( HOD-Mech) also motivated the students with his impactful words.

After this seminar the students moved to the lawn where the banner inauguration is done for the Quality connect Campaign (Door to door activity). In this campaign, students Volunteers were assigned for the following tasks:

  • Propagating information about BIS among the general public.
  • Interacting with a minimum of 30 households in the explaining BIS and its activities.
  • Distributing BIS pamphlets.

Demonstrating the BIS website and mobile app. collecting feedback from each household/Youth via a Mobile App.
All volunteers were given Caps, badges for their participation. and also honorarium in the form of some money will be given to the volunteers later on by BIS on subject to the submission of a minimum of 30 duly filled feedback forms from the households visited.