Industrial Visit to Taloja CETP Co-op. Society Ltd.

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Taloja CETP Co-operative Society Ltd. has cluster of 1036 Member Industries. These units are mainly involved in manufacturing of viz. chemicals, Bulkdrugs, drug Intermediates, Fertilizers, Glass, Petrochemicals, Dyes and Intermediates, Specialty chemicals, Engineering and Textile, Food and Fish processing. The CETP of 10 MLD capacity was constructed and brought into operation in December 1999. In the course of time CETP modifications were carried out.

Total Number of student
Faculty Co-ordinators
Visit for
6th October, 2014
Applied Sciences and Humanities
05, Mr. Avinash Gatade, Mr. Amol Bhavsar, Ms. Sunita Khansole, Mr. Ketan Patil, Mr. Nitin Gopale
Students of First year Engineering

The effluent generated by the industries is collected through gravity lines in two Collection Sumps, one near Ghot Village and the other at CETP. From the Collection Sump near Ghot village effluent is pumped to the Collection Sumps at CETP. The Equalization Tank is used to dampen the variations in the quality and flow rate. In order to keep the effluent suspended solids away from settling and to ensure proper mixing Floating Aerators have been installed in old plant and diffused coarse aeration is there in expansion plant. The pH correction is carried out with lime if required. The effluent is pumped to flash mixer wherein PAC is dosed with rapid mixing and led to Clariflocculator to flocculate and settle suspended solids as well as remove certain portion of suspended organic matter