Automobile Engineering
Automobile EngineeringBachelor Degree4 years

Civil Engineering
Civil EngineeringBachelor Degree4 years
Civil Engineering (Construction Engineering and Management)Masters Degree2 years
Civil Engineering (Structural Engineering)Masters Degree2 years
Civil EngineeringPh.D. Program3 years

Computer Engineering
Computer EngineeringBachelor Degree4 years
Computer EngineeringMasters Degree2 years
Computer EngineeringPh.D. Program3 years

Electrical Engineering
Electrical and Computer EngineeringBachelor Degree4 years

Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
Electronics and Computer ScienceBachelor Degree4 years
EXTC EngineeringMasters Degree2 years

Information Technology
Information TechnologyBachelor Degree4 years

Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical EngineeringBachelor Degree4 years
Mechanical Engineering (Machine Design)Masters Degree2 years
Mechanical EngineeringPh.D. Program3 years

Applied Science and Humanities
Applied Science and MathematicsBachelor Degree1 year

NIRF Rank Certificate
Hackoverflow 1.0. 3 days long -National Level Hackathon
Winners of Hackoverflow 1.0
Euforia 2022
Euforia 2022
Euforia 2022
Euforia 2022
Euforia 2022
Euforia 2022

PHCET won First Best position for Workplace Safety Awards 2019

Ms. Rucha Darekar student of B.E. EXTC has won Gold Medal in Mumbai University Intercollegiate Fencing Championship at Sophia College, 17th - 19th February, 2018.

Mr. Sunilkumar Patel (P.G. Civil Engg.) wining PCERF 2018 Award under guidance of Prof. Karthik Nagarajan at (PCERF 2017, Pune) for Project: "Remote Sensing and GIS Application - Rainwater Runoff in Mumbai (Blue Roof Network System)"

Pillai HOCL Educational Campus - World Class Faculty and Infrastructure

About Our Institute


Pillai HOC College of Engineering and Technology will admit, educate and train for engineering graduation, a diverse population of students who are academically prepared to benefit from the Institute’s infrastructure and experience to become responsible professionals in a technical arena. It will further attract, develop and retain, dedicated, excellent teachers, scholars and professionals from diverse backgrounds whose work give them visibility beyond the classroom and who are committed to making a significant difference in the lives of their students and the community.


To develop professional engineers with respect for the environment, and make them responsible citizens in technical development both from an Indian and global perspective, and this objective is fulfilled through quality education, practical training and interaction with industries and social organizations.

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