Euforia 2022

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The celebration which brings all the students together and made this event a grand success. “Euforia is all about sharing Happiness, Celebration, and Knowledge.” During this fest, the students showcase their talent by participating in various non-stage and stage events and also coordinate different events e.g singing, dancing, Mr. and Ms. Euforia, reels, fashion show , neon cricket, bench press, table tennis, etc. Euforia was scheduled on 22nd March, 2022 to 23rd March, 2022.

The event was inaugurated with the dhol-tasha pathak. The students were very passionate and determined to make Euforia 2022 a grand event. The crowd was also so cheerful, enthusiastic, and lively, which took the event to new heights. Students were roaming around, cheering for all the participants, encouraging each other by boosting each other’s confidence and showing their skills by participating and winning.

Euforia left an impact on everyone’s hearts and uplifted the ambiance of the campus to a new level altogether. The event has grown into a huge sensation since the day of its commencement receiving overwhelming response and popularity. Euforia has been getting bigger, better and greater every year and setting high standards for the years to come.