Zero Waste Lifestyle Steps Towards A Sustainable World

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A webinar was organized by NSS unit of PHCET along with “Greening Bharat” a nonprofit NGO, on zero waste and sustainable lifestyle. It took place at 10 o’clock in the morning on Sunday, 11th July, 2021. The meeting was witnessed by around 30 participants. The key speakers Miss. Garima Nirmal and Miss. Preeti Bajeta made compelling session by making it a interrogative and interactive session and gave a crisp and in depth explanation on the topic. The participants of the webinar were imparted with various subjects and examples to help them understand and live a sustainable lifestyle.

Many topics were covered such as proper waste management, pollution, the three R’s reduce reuse and recycle and diet. Viewers were shown examples and methods so that they can start contributing in this noble mission of greening Bharat and the globe entirely. At the end of the session the participants were urged to take small steps towards sustainability and minimal living.